Simply get good advice!

Anyone who is pregnant notices it quickly: Good advice is pouring in from all sides, tips, tricks and hacks can be found in countless forums and digitally we learn how countless Insta-Moms seem to manage pregnancy, birth and becoming parents with ease, relaxed and above all mostly cheerfully and with ease.

Pregnancy, nest building and the first few weeks and months as a young family are quite a dizzying program, both literally and figuratively.

Orientation is necessary, as is space for reflection. Who am I, who are we, who will we be? But also: What do we want, what do we need - and what of it is in the near future, what can still wait?

Experiences from family and friends are certainly very helpful. But in order to get to know products, to feel brands and to be able to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, it is still - and actually even more so - necessary to visit a knowledgeable local baby retailer. Discover initial suggestions while leafing through the "kiddies" magazine!

   Your kiddies editorial team

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